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The president, who was joined at his Mar-a-Lago estate by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, voiced solidarity with Japan. Trump meets Monday with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and later in the week with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The White House is also dealing with fallout from the rocky rollout of Trump's immigration executive order, which has been blocked by the courts. The order was intended to suspend the nation's refugee program and bar citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the U.S. Miller, who was one of the architects of the order, maintained in a round of Sunday show interviews that the president has sweeping executive authority when it comes to barring foreigners he deems pose a risk to the country. He said Trump will do "whatever we need to do, consistent with the law, to keep this country safe" and slammed judges who've stood in his way. "This is a judicial usurpation of the power. It is a แบบ กระเป๋า แฟชั่น violation of judges' proper roles in litigating disputes. We will fight it," Miller said in an interview on "Fox News Sunday." As for my company the administration's next steps, Miller said that "all options" remain on the table," including a Supreme Court appeal. Trump said on the plane ride to Florida on Friday that he was considering signing a "brand-new order" as early as Monday to try to bypass the legal challenges. "As you know, we have multiple options, and we are considering all of them," Miller said on ABC's "This Week." The comments come amid an outcry from immigration activists over an "enforcement surge" by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers that officials say is targeting immigrants who are in the country illegally and have criminal records.

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We used to die for Fashion Week without actually risking our lives in the process. To be honest, this isnt a particularly new malaise. Like cinching a Burberry trench or swinging a Chanel bag, bitching about New York Fashion Week will always be chic. But this season, the bad vibes have stopped being all talk, and some of New Yorks key players have drifted away. Tommy Hilfiger moved his entire denim circus from Manhattan to Venice Beach, bringing his chosen ringleader Gigi Hadid along for the ride. Brooklyn style-darling Rachel Comey followed suit, luring Rashida Jones and Lake Bell to a downtown gallery for her show. And Rebecca Minkoff went west, too, bringing see-now-buy-now to West Hollywood royalty like Lauren Conrad and Aimee Song. (Rodarte, Hood By Air, and Proenza Schouler are leaving New York too, albeit to Paris.) The runway seasons have always been crazy, says Cynthia Rowley, who has been showing her clothes in New York since 1988. But it used to be more magical, because it wasnt about watching a show on your phone. Photographers took the pictures professionals!

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How did you come to be an Uber and Lyft driver and what's it like? I was laid-off from my job last February. I use my own car and make my own hours. Only a couple of times have I turned people away. Sometimes people are too drunk or obnoxious or make me wait too long. For safety reasons a small group of us uses a walkie-talkie app to stay in touch. Where do you like to shop? I'm good at mixing pieces together. I like to go to Dillard's, Lane Bryant, Stein Mart, Torrid, Burlington and consignment shops. I think H&M has good styles and accessories at great prices. Online, I like Dia&Co.

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